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      1. Hotline: 0769-82866456 中文簡體   |    English
        Case Presentation

        Company Profile
        Honest, pragmatic, technological innovation

        Dongguan Jincheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Jingtuo. The company integrates RD, manufacturing and sales of one-stop service manufacturers, and is committed to the development of precision press-fit automation equipment such as high-end CNC hydraulic presses and intelligent servo presses. Companies adhering to the quality first, service-oriented, customer first business philosophy, meticulously create each boutique, to create a precision press-fit industry benchmark industry. The company has strong technical strength and well-equipped, nearly 20 years of professional machinery manufacturing experience, using international hydraulic components (YUKEN, HYDROMAX, EALY), electrical components (TE, OMRON), seals (NOK, SUPERWISDOM) and other materials and Taiwans advanced technology. Mainly produces four-column hydraulic press, single-arm hydraulic press, precision servo hydraulic press, fast hydraulic press and other products, widely used in electronics, home appliances, micro-motors, auto parts, watches, glasses, cameras, locks, tableware, medals, jewelry, hardware, rubber Parts forming, punching, cold, hot pressing and assembly operations in products, chemical packaging and other industries. Products are exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and other regions, and are well received by well-known users at home and abroad. The company has always been based on providing quality products and quality services. Only good faith cooperation, there is a win-win opportunity is the business philosophy of Jin...


        Choose our 4 big advantage
        Real enterprise strength, let you feel more at ease

        Realistic picture of the manufacturer, product and equipment ready for delivery

        Committed to the development of high-end CNC hydraulic press, intelligent servo press and other precision press automation equipment

        High speed production efficiency makes you more worry free

        Have a complete and scientific quality management system;

        Efficient pre-sale, in sale and after-sale service guarantee;

        Multi field and high-level production technicians;

        Realize higher reliability and production guarantee in all aspects;

        Quality assurance, good price and good quality make you happy

        Strictly control the product quality, do not let go of every link, every accessory;

        On the premise of quality and quantity, reduce the cost of suppliers and production;

        Let customers happy to buy cheap machinery and equipment;

        Service, make your back-end care free

        Online and offline service specialists follow up the whole process;

        Expert service personnel provide you with professional training services;

        Provide free technical guidance for enterprise users;

        National Service Hotline:0769-82866456

        Company strength

        Honest, pragmatic, technological innovation

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          Common faults and repairs of hy

          The hydraulic press is a kind of machine that we can use every day. It is divided into: single-arm hydraulic press, four-column hydraulic press, frame hydraulic ...More>>
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          Intelligent manufacturing new t

          As the demand for products in the hydraulic press industry continues to increase, the upgrading of products is also accelerating. On the one hand, hydraulic mach...More>>
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          Where are the small hydraulic p

          The small hydraulic press is suitable for the pressing process of plastic materials, such as stamping, bending, flanging and thin stretching, etc. It can also be...More>>
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          What are the advantages of the

          Thanks to the continuous advancement of technology, many mechanical equipments have been better used, including the current four-column hydraulic press equipment...More>>
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          The hydraulic press pressure la

          1. The reason for leakage: the cylinder and the piston are too large due to wear and tear. If the piston is fitted with a sealing ring, the sealing effect is los...More>>

        Contact US

        Dongguan Jincheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Address:Jincheng Machinery Co., Ltd., floor 103, building 3, No. 3, Jiaokeng Reservoir Road, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City
        Contacts:Miss qiu

        Welcome to leave us a Message

        Please give us your feedback!

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